In 1929, our great-grandfather, György Fulmer established the apiary with only a few hives. With four generation of tradition and care, we have grown to give home to a beautiful myriad of busy little bees.

We feel lucky to have been able to deliver our honeys to thousands of families all over the World, in the past 90 years. Today, we continue to do our best to serve the increasing demand in the truest way: we guarantee the best possible quality by working directly with other beekeepers.


György Fulmer – our great-grandfather – established the apiary with only a few hives.


The Fulmer Apiary has grown to be one of the most beautiful apiaries in Somogy County.


Another young man from Somogy County, Ferenc Takács, was gifted a few hives by his mentor in exchange for his help at the farm. With these hives, he established his apiary.


György Fulmer’s daughter, Mária and Ferenc Takács got married, uniting the two beekeeper families.


Mária and Ferenc’s two children, young Ferenc and Tünde, also grew up to be beekeepers themselves, carrying on the family business. Following tradition, they learned the art of beekeeping by starting to care for their own hives from the age of 22.


Ferenc establishes a honey packaging company, growing it to the largest in Hungary by the '90s.


As the fourth-generation has come to age, they start beekeeping under the mentorship of Tünde.


Sólyom and Bíbor’s first day in the family apiary.


By now Fulmer Honey can be enjoyed in nearly 40 countries around the World.

Fulmer Apiary
H-2336 Dunavarsány, Vörösmarty Str. 2438